Monday, April 22, 2013

Obscurantist #74: Music for Life


Custom-made audio compositions to complement your life-environment.

3 pieces for each day of the week = 21 personalized sound palettes of varying lengths

You decide: Situational music, Mood enhancement, Sound for Purposes of Your Own Conception. 168

some possible sound ideas…………………………..

Music for Sleeping
Ringtones for your Cell Phone
Driving Music
House Cleaning Music
Music for your Pet
Computer Alert
Sound Effects
Kitchen Loop
Bathroom Loop
Bedroom Loop
Exercise Loop
Eating Music
Hiking Music
Answering Message sound
Music for visitors
Music for Neighbor-noise-abatement
Wake up music
Dancing impetus
Birthday Music
Giving Birth
Spring Planting
Reading Music

This project was up for bid at an Oakland art gallery fundraiser in 2012.
It received zero bids.

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