Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obscurantist #40: Ambient Biology

All sounds were created for the microscopic creatures in these videos.
The videos were created by the Bio Lab at the Exploratorium, S.F.
These pieces were part of an installation in the Wattis Webcast Studio at the Museum of Science Art and Human Perception.

This Video was created by Scientist Denise King (Exploratorium)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Obscurantist #38: There is a Reason For Blood Being Red

Download Here:

Obscurantist #37: Poor Grim- "Pigflowers" b/w "Canvasari"

download here:

Obscurantist #36: P.R.O. "Ambidextrous Universe" +

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Bonus Release:
Doctor Cenotaph and the Moe-Tards
the Three Stooges Suite

Obscurantist #35: TesT

Laptop Duets w/ Alex Potts:
Download Here

Obscurantist #34: Germany - " Sound For Lost Places" Volume 3

Field recordings and site specific performances from Northern Germany. All instruments played by W.G. and Nila Minnerup.

Download Here

Obscurantist #33: La Jetee

Recorded Live @ the Exploratorium, S.F.
Mcbean Theater April 10 2010. Score by W.G.
featuring: Eric Glick-Rieman, Lisa Mezzacappa, Jacob Lindsay, Christina Stanley, Nora Hoffmann, Chris Golinski and Ronald Aveling.